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6 Syar’i Hijab Motifs

Syar’i hijab motifs In Islamic law, the hijab is a sharia requirement for Muslim women to cover their genitals. The use of the hijab has the meaning of obedience and obedience to God. Based on the words of religious leaders, the hijab with the syar’i model is the hijab model that is most in accordance with the provisions of Islamic Shari’a. Covering the whole body and loose fit looks more protective of women.

In a simpler and more familiar way, the syar’i hijab is a hijab that has a wider size and covers most of our bodies. A loose fit is a must so as to avoid showing curves on the body. However, in the current era, the syar’i hijab has developed rapidly with various interesting materials and motifs to wear.

1. Hijab with a soft pattern

For some women, wearing long and loose syar’i clothes can make your body look small and seem to sink. As a transition, you can use a patterned syar’i hijab. Choose motifs that still have a soft design. Floral motifs can be your choice.

2. Coming to an occasion? Use syar’i hijab with a beautiful brooch

White syar’i hijab can indeed emit an impression that is full of tenderness and elegance. You can use a white syar’i hijab with a touch of a small brooch to sweeten your look. Switching from long robes and dresses, you can use loose tops and culottes with matching patterns. This outfit is perfect for you to wear on more formal occasions.

3. Black syar’i hijab can be an option when you want to be safe

Clothing that can cover the entire nakedness is a consideration when wearing syar’i clothing. Black can be a must-have color for you, Bela. Besides giving a more elegant impression, black also doesn’t give illusions to your body, so it closes the possibility that it will shape your curves. To stay comfortable, choose a hijab with a chiffon material that can absorb sweat.

4. Non-vibrant wearable colors

When you wear a syar’i hijab, it’s better to choose hijab colors that seem neutral and soft like gray, pink, white or nude colors. Avoid vibrant colors so that the elegant impression when wearing a syar’i hijab stays with you. Combine a soft colored hijab with a matching colored robe. Instant beauty!

5. Instant syar’i hijab makes fashion style easier

Don’t want to go through the hassle of styling the syar’i hijab style?  The advantage for Muslim women who wear the syar’i hijab is that instant hijab with the syar’i model is now more popular with a variety of colors and materials. All you have to do is adjust it to the dress you are going to use. Before using instant hijab, don’t forget to use ciput as your inner hijab. Apart from avoiding the hijab falling due to slippery materials, ciput also avoids the hairs sticking out.

6. Stay fashionable with pashmina

when you are going to use a syar’i hijab, you can also use a hijab with a pashmina model. Pashmina has a long design that makes it easy to shape according to the shape of your body and body. How to use pashmina for syar’i hijab is quite easy. The method is almost the same as the hijab in general, only you need to cover your chest with a longer side.

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